Principal’s Message

Dr. Shashank Misra


It gives me immense pleasure to welcome new students, their parents, and family members to our legal institution Dewan Law College, Meerut. Our aim is to inspire students to learn and understand “Dharman Sarvanpratishtam” i.e. Law is supreme.

It is the law above that brings equality amongst unequals

In the era of competition, it is paramount to be equipped with appropriate knowledge, attitude, and values which are essential for holistic development. My dear students, I intensively believe that you would develop a versatile personality during your stay in this temple of learning.

Today education means much more than merely acquiring knowledge. It is the acquisition of knowledge and skill, to build the character and improvising employability of young talent. When all these constituents come together and work in unison, for sure the expected results are bound to flow.

I am proud of being the principal of such a wonderful institution dedicated to the cause of forming a better India. In recent times the Legal Education has proved to be an area of growth avenues and its reach is widened in leaps and bounds which the college has facilitated by catering to diverse needs and associating with organizations of repute.

One of the major strengths of Dewan law College is its well qualified and experienced faculty, that devotes its expertise in the teaching-learning process and enables the development of professionalism with social commitment. The College provides the best infrastructure to its students and offers a repositor of activities making their tenure at college an enriching experience.

I am sure you would be extremely satisfied with your decision to join this institution. I am proud to place it on record that continuous assistance and guidance of Mr. Vivek Dewan, the chairman & members of the Board of Dewan law College, the College Governing Council, the College team of students and staff could make an impact on the society. “More your work, more you develop your ability to work.”

A warm welcome to you, work with a vision for achieving greater success and scaling new heights in your career.