Our Institute

Dewan Law College inhabiting more than 1000 students on its roll is in fact, reflective of Indian Diaspora as its composition resonates the voices of almost Rs. all the states of India. The college as a lex matrix and an institutional paragon provides complete legal education under a single roof which includes five year BA.LL.B, B.COM.LL.B., LL.B(3 years), LL.M(2 years) courses. This confluence reflects a symphony of our institutional infrastructure, flexible academic curriculum, disciplinarian paraphernalia, socio-cultural objectives, academic-corporate interface and potential inducements for society centric academic researches and practices. The learning pedagogy at Dewan Law College aims to put purpose into practice. Students absorb, analyse, debate, dissect cases from multiple perspectives and understand what lawyering is, how it is done and what it is to become a lawyer.The biggest strength of the Dewan Law College is its renowned faculty members having distinguished academic achievements in different disciplines. In order to have progressive outlook and to introduce innovative teaching-learning process, the faculty members are encouraged to have consultancy assignments to keep in touch with the real-life management and legal problems in various judicial authorities. College provides Clinical Legal education in the form of moot courts, mock trials and client counseling competitions amongst many others. All these make the students articulate, develop fluency of language and lucid projection of thought as a result many students of the Dewan Law College had secured judge ship in various courts of India and also working as legal advisers in various private and government firms.